Roy Husada

The relentless pursuit of playing video games in pajamas like a boss

Moving to Japan wasn’t part of the plan. None of the stars were aligned. Parts of Roy’s body wer..

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Sebastian Aristotelis


SAGA Space Architects is a design + prototyping studio specialised in Space and Extreme environments..

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Aurélia Durand

Colors to create inclusivity

From an Instagram post to a bestseller book, Aurélia Durand will share her unexpected journey as an..

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Sam Weingarten & Chad Wright

Principal X Management – Collaboration at the end of the world

The pandemic left us all stranded and isolated; going through the motions of our lives without the d..

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Design Matters 22

Design Matters will bring on stage a global and interdisciplinary network of experts to discuss design and dive into design practices from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. The event aims at defining and leading the agenda on the most important issues concerning UX/UI, innovation, tech, and sustainability.

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