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A platform for designers, by designers.

Design Matters is a series of design conferences with a focus on digital design. Held in-person in Copenhagen and in Tokyo, as well as online, these conferences are a space to share ideas, discuss experiences, and connect with other fellow designers.

Similarly, this platform is a virtual space where designers can educate themselves, share their experience, learn from others, and connect with designers from all over the world. Design Matters + contains a variety of useful content and resources – from previous conference talks to design books and direct access to design guides and interviews.

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Michael Christiansen

Michael Christiansen

Partnerships, Speakers, Tickets, Venue, Logistics

Giorgia Lombardo

Giorgia Lombardo

Speakers, Strategy, Brand & Communications, Content

Viktorie Pavlová

Viktorie Pavlová

Event Planning

Sara Bertova

Sara Bertova

Graphic Design

Our Manifesto

In order to grow as humans it takes constant evolution, critical thinking, and unlearning past behaviors and thought processes that keeps us as individuals and a society from moving forward.

Therefore we created this Manifesto and combined our beliefs, so that we could hold ourselves accountable to what we believe in and stand for. This will be an ongoing work in progress where we challenge ourselves and others to think outside their comfort zones.

We’re continuously working on authentically putting into action what we stand for and believe in. Stay tuned as we highlight key areas from our Manifesto and how we plan to implement, stay inspired and collaborate to make it happen throughout the year. Click to view full Manifesto

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