13 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier

Knowing each and every one of the existing websites is undoubtedly impossible. But with a little bit of research — and luck — it’s possible to find precious tools and websites that can make our life much easier.

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Giorgia Lombardo

19/08/2021; 5 min read Loud!

We’ve gathered fourteen useful websites, browser apps, and tools to help you make your work speedier and more effective. Open your Notes app and get ready to save a few links! — from video & audio editing to branding, copywriting, animating, and sharing files, you’ll probably find something for your needs.

1. Vocalremover.org

Vocalremover separates the music from the vocals in with a powerful AI algorithm. Upload an mp3 file and let the algorithm do its job! The website also allows you to change the audio pitch without affecting the tempo and vice versa.

2. Unscreen.com

Are you looking for a tool that allows you to remove video background in a couple of clicks? With Unscreen you can remove or change the background from any video or GIF. You can search a GIF directly on the website or upload your own video.

3. Snapdrop.net

If you don’t own an iPhone —meaning that you don’t have AirDrop — you should definitely check Snapdrop out. Open the webpage both on your laptop and phone (the website will automatically connect the devices), drop the files you want to transfer, and they’ll appear on the other device ready to be downloaded. Easy!

4. Smartmockups.com

Create free mockups for any device and physical product! Smartmockups.com is a web app that allows you to generate high quality mockups for your next presentation, website, social media campaign, portfolio and more. To access the service you need an account.

5. Panzoid.com

Do you need video intros, outros, or end screens? This is a great website if you have a YouTube channel and need this type of video material. There are hundreds of templates submitted by the users of the websites. Understanding how this website works might take a few minutes, but it’s surely worth it! Side note: it’s more compatible with Chrome than Safari.

6. Midomi.com

Do you ever think of a song but don’t know the title or how the lyrics go? If yes, Midomi is what you need! Just hum the words and this website will find the song for you.

7. Kamua.com

If you are looking to resize, cut, and caption videos for TikTok or Instagram Reels, this tool is a must have. Transform any horizontal video into a dynamic vertical with this smart tool. You need an account to access the service.

8. Justtherecipe.app

If you love cooking this is the website for you. Sometimes, when you browse recipes online you have to skim through five paragraphs before you can find the actual recipe. With Just The Recipe, you just need to paste the url of the page into the web page, and it will show you the list of the ingredients and the instructions on how to make that food, with no distractions.

9. Jitter.video

Jitter Video is motion design made simple. With this tool, you can create custom motion graphics for free; just select the template you like and start editing! You need an account to access the service.

10. Loading.io

With Loading, you can make simple animations, create loading patterns and backgrounds, and design progress bars. If you need simple animated visual elements, this tool is for you. It might not have the prettiest UI but it sure does its job.

11. Shortlyai.com

What if someone told you that you can write an article without actually writing anything? It’s possible with AI. Go to Shortlyai, pick a topic, choose an output length, input a brief, and the AI will write for you. The service is not free and requires you to have an account.

12. Renderforest.com

This branding platform allows you to create intro and music visualisations. Search through customisable templates and find the one you like. Add your logo, tagline, music, and export! Renderforest helps you create a variety of branded material with minimal time and effort — from videos to logos, mockups, and websites. To access the platform you need to create an account.

13. Naturalreaders.com

This Text-to-Speech tool (TTL) converts any text to audio, allowing you to choose from a variety of voices and accents. You can also download the audio file as mp3, so that you can listen anytime, without Internet connection. This tool is also useful if you need an easy-to-use TTL tool for your Instagram Reels — since Instagram lacks the TTL function TikTok has.

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