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Mexico City Jan 25-26, 2023

Design Matters Mexico 23

For the first time ever, Design Matters landed in Mexico! The conference dug deep into three topics that are relevant to the design industry and community through a series of talks by Latin American and international designers.

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Themes for 2023

Responsible design in practice

As technology and society progress, designers are continuously met with ethical and practical reasons to evolve and continue to grow towards efficiency as well as more responsible work practices.

Along with building bridges for functional cross-cultural design and improving intercultural competence, designers are also increasingly asked to make their products more accessible and inclusive. Establishing new ethical and inclusive standards will enable designers across the world to incorporate new knowledge into their products and make them better.

At Design Matters Mexico 23, we’ll dive into this topic and do a no-bullshit review of the most responsible practices you can add to your skill set as a designer. We will also bring on experts who can demonstrate how to create a quality design that has a truly meaningful impact.

Responsible design in practice

A superhero? No, a designer!

How many times have you heard statements like “designers have the power to influence people’s behavior” or “designers are the ones who help us navigate the world”? It’s so much power and responsibility at the same time – almost as if designers were superheroes! In a way it’s true; the impact and value designers can create is phenomenal.

But designers sometimes don’t realize the potential they hold. They enable advancement across most industries, shaping behaviors and opinions, generating expansion, profits, and even helping educate future generations. Most often, the ground-breaking design that paves the way for others has one thing in common: creativity that broke the mold.

At the conference, we will bring on different perspectives on the designer’s role, including empirical and conceptual examples where creativity has led to innovation.

A superhero? No, a designer!

Revolution from digital design

How do we imagine our future when thinking of the world’s most pressing challenges, such as wars, refugee crises, broken economies, and the climate crisis? Let’s not forget to add the presence of artificial intelligence to the mix. Are we intimated yet? Probably. But the post-pandemic world is giving us a chance to show off some of our best-hidden talents when it comes to tackling problems creatively.

From debunking fake news and uplifting mental health to decolonizing the digital experience and supporting those on the frontlines of sustainability, designers have an incredible opportunity to help build a brighter future for people and the planet. This is what we will discuss at the conference through this theme.

Revolution from digital design