HOW TO SHAPE CROSS-FUNCTIONAL COLLABORATION TOWARDS A MORE INCLUSIVE FASHION EXPERIENCE | Have you ever worked on a project where collaboration between different business units is needed? 
How do you best leverage the autonomy and expertise of different teams while ensuring that everyone takes part in the creation of a single, coherent solution? How can you create a common understanding of what disability inclusion means for your company? Emilie will share her journey by using experience principles to federate, decide, and deliver on disability inclusion.

Emilie Julie Alonso

Product Designer, Zalando

Emilie (she/her) is product design manager at Zalando. She has a background in cognitive science and a passion for how the human brain works. With more than 10 years experience in product, service, and strategic design, she supports the Diversity & Inclusion team to create more inclusive customer journeys. She is an eternal optimist and likes to spread positivity around her.