Conference Talk

Seeing the future’s new normal – designing beyond the screen

Aug 14, 2020

echnology is already evolving beyond the screen but the digital world is still full of concepts and challenges that make this transition difficult. Which concepts can be implemented outside the screen and what is important to know for us as designers? What can be learned from other industries? In this talk, Patricia will show how we place our attention as designers towards creating innovative and inclusive designs for a digital future with fewer screens. We are taking a look at how to rethink our current ways to design

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Patricia Reiners

Innovation Designer, Adobe

Patricia Reiners is a freelance Innovation Designer exploring emerging technologies and the future of experience design. At Design Matter’s 20, she will dig deep into the theme “Next-Gen Design”. Shell explore the new ways on how to use interfaces and how the future of experience design might look like Patricia focussed on the topic of future cities as a creative resident at Adobe 2019 and explored different ways of integrating immersive technologies in the areas of work, living, and mobility. Prior to the residency, she worked freelance for different agencies, startups, and larger corporations like Google, which helped her to identify gaps where innovation could have transformational change.