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AI + You- Boss Fight or Tag Team

Jun 03, 2023

What do you need? Pokémon driving a Mario Kart on the moon in the style of Hammershøi? Some JavaScript to generate vintage 1970-palettes from weather data? The Gestalt laws explained as Finnish gangster rap? AI has got you covered. And it’s all just a text prompt away. No wonder many creators feel threatened and challenged by AI! But, if you consider AI an opponent, the battle is lost before it’s begun. Like facing the invincible final-level boss with zero ammo. Instead, join forces with the AI, to become a fearsome man/machine Tag Team capable of tackling any challenge with the efficiency and grace of a hard-hitting wrestling chair. (Slap)-sticking to this fighting metaphor, Stig and Karsten will draw on “Shu Ha Ri” – a concept from Japanese martial arts – to share their views on human-AI collaboration.

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Stig Møller Hansen & Karsten Vestergaard

Designers/Programmers, DMJX

Stig Møller Hansen bought his first computer in 1989 and quickly developed a passion for mixing art and code. Thirty years later, he has made his childhood excitement his professional career, teaching designers how to invent and build their own design tools using code as a creative medium. An avid speaker, Stig often shares his thoughts, experiences, and expertise at conferences, workshops, and courses around the world. Karsten Vestergaard started as a Flash Developer and has ever since had a keen eye on the creative powers that resides in the intersection between design and technology. Currently, he is Programme Coordinator at Interactive Design at DMJX, where he teaches students to have a broad and bold perspective on their ability to utilize code as a design tool. Aside from that, he can’t play the saxophone … yet!