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信頼のためのデザイン:リモートチームと効果的にコラボレーションするためのプロミスセオリーとは – Akira Motomura


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Akira Motomura

Board Member / Service Designer, YUMEMI INC.

Akira Motomura is a service designer at YUMEMI in Tokyo, Japan. He started his design career at Dubberly Design Office (DDO) in San Francisco, immersing himself in the world of information, interaction, and systems design. After that, he moved back to Tokyo to work for a software development consulting firm where he utilized the knowledge and skills of modeling to navigate complex projects. After that, he began working for YUMEMI. where he leads a service design team. He helps his clients to envision new software product/service concepts through various visualization techniques and frameworks. He enjoys the abstract nature of software and is always looking for new ways to visualize complex and abstract information.