Conference Talk

Faking your personal health guide

Nov 24, 2020

People are more focused on their physical and mental health than ever. Self-help apps are booming and there are great single purpose apps on the market. AKQA were approached by a start-up who had the idea for an app with a holistic approach to well-being. We were trusted to make a very complex app beautiful, unique and simple to use. Quite a challenge. This is how we did it. Get an exclusive look into the creation of aio, the whole design process from start to finish. Including ideas, design choices and of course some of the stupid mistakes.

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Frederik Schumann

Senior Art Director, AKQA

Frederik is a Senior Art Director at AKQA and a musician/music producer on the side. He has 20+ years of experience designing digital products. He is self-taught as both a designer and a musician.