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人間の目の限界を受け入れ、アクセシビリティを促進する – Bianca Berning and Reiko Hirai


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Bianca Berning & Reiko Hirai

Creative Director / Type Designer, DALTON MAAG

Bianca is a creative based at the intersection of typography, type design, and technology. In her current role as Creative Director at the London-based studio for typeface design, Dalton Maag, she enjoys getting to the core of the company’s culture and helping people find their very own tone of voice.Reiko Hirai is a type designer and a consultant of Japanese and Latin. She grew up in Japan and the US and majored in Educational Linguistics, which led her towards a career in type design in 2013. She now works as a Font Developer at Dalton Maag and brings her bilingual experience and expertise to the team.