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Universal Design in Digital and Physical Play Experiences

Diversity, inclusion and accessibility in design are more than just buzzwords, there are many people working towards making more inclusive products through Universal Design. At the LEGO Group, Bret has been working towards embedding Universal Design in the context of toys with combined digital and physical experiences and he seeks to answer a question: how can we make experiences with multiple entry points that work for everyone—with flexible approaches, customizable and adjustable for individual needs?

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Bret Schafbuch

Lead Concept Developer, The LEGO Group

Based at the LEGO Group headquarters in Denmark, Bret Schafbuch is a Lead Concept Developer in Play Engineering, part of the Creative Play Lab organization. He is a dad of two bilingual boys with penchants for building and storytelling. He holds degrees from the University of Iowa, ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, and the Barcelona School of Architecture ETSAB. Bret’s concept work draws on his user experience and interaction design background for combined digital and physical experiences for kids and grownups alike. He is passionate about leading and collaborating with others in the design and creation of things and means to make the world a greener, safer, and more beautiful place. In his spare time Bret plays on a basketball team, is learning to play guitar, goes on adventures, and loves to give his friends a helping hand with random tasks.