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Bridging Branding and User Experience: A Design Journey Through E-Gov, Healthcare, and Fintech

Nov 15, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital design, the intersection of branding and user experience is where the magic happens. This presentation, “Bridging Branding and User Experience: A Design Journey Through E-Gov, Healthcare, and Fintech,” embarks on a journey to decode the art of integrating branding within the domains of e-government, healthcare, and fintech. For mid-level to senior UI/UX and product designers, this is an opportunity to gain hands-on insights into how branding isn’t just about logos and colors but a powerful tool for enhancing user experience, building trust, and creating lasting impressions. We will traverse through real-world scenarios, exploring concrete strategies that can be applied immediately to your design work. Expect to discover the tangible impact of a cohesive brand identity in creating remarkable user experiences. The session will provide case studies that showcase how branding, when skillfully implemented, can elevate the digital products we design.

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Chisakowu Jobson

Independent Brand Designer

Prolific Brand Designer, passionate about creating timeless perception for unique brands & businesses by reflecting their stories and core values using branding and visual design. Highly capable, possessing managerial strengths, with a unique blend of problem solving and technical skills. Proficient in a range of design softwares, having worked regularly on graphic, layout, and production materials. Excellent communicator, quick to grasp the bigger picture and always looking forward to creating design magic.