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Reporting from the design transformation

The ball is in motion; we’re doubling the size of our design team this year, continuous testing is trending among product management, and leadership strives to prioritize outcomes over outputs. As a design and research team we have never had as much momentum as we do right now.This talk comes from within a design team in the middle of the transformation. It’s about how we’re moving from preaching about UX design – to showing by doing. It’s about how we work to drive the culture change mindfully, inclusively, with our people at the center of the process.

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Caroline Arvidsson

UX Research Manager, Workday

Caroline Arvidsson is a design leader in Copenhagen, leading a team of talented UX researchers at Workday. Driven to place UX research and design at the core of decision-making she and her team apply a flexible methodology combining continuous testing and in-depth problem discovery.