Conference Talk

Creativity, Disruption, and Impact

Nov 15, 2023

This talk will explore and establish how creativity, disruption, and the profound impact we, as designers, can wield in shaping the world around us. We will understand and navigate a landscape where design is more than aesthetics – but one where we see design more as a solution, a catalyst, and a powerful tool that is capable of changing the world as we know it. The earlier we are familiar with each of our innate and unique abilities as designers, the faster we can wear our superhero capes, influencing perceptions, disrupting norms, and paving the way for meaningful change through creative and innovative designs. Major Learning Points: 1. The convergence – Creativity, disruption, and impact 2. Navigating Disruption with Purpose 3. The ‘Human’ factor in Design 4. Design Ethos and Social Responsibility Case Studies: The Tampon Book KFC Malaysia’s “The Dot” campaign

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Bolutife Awakan

Head, Brand & Design , Traction

Bolutife Awakan is a Senior Brand Designer & Strategist with over 8 years of combined experience in Design, Printing, Marketing, Branding, Strategy, and Business growth who leverages strategic, and creative approaches to develop compelling brands and unique visual systems. Passionate about branding and dedicated to helping others find their own path, Bolutife is recognized as a mentor par excellence and an inspiration to many. Her commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise has led her to write a number of valuable branding resources that have benefited countless individuals. Having led and successfully delivered projects across a range of industries, both locally and internationally spanning Entertainment, Fintech, and Martech (SaaS), Bolutife is more committed to her purpose of building thriving brands that audiences love. She currently leads the brand and Design team at Traction, where she has consistently developed and implemented meaningful strategies, led the team to craft unique visual systems, and is propelling the brand to thrive in competitive markets. When she’s not building brands, you can find her at the movies, buying a new footwear, or creating yet another Apple playlist.