Nerd Talk

A story about curiosity & following your heart

In this talk, we will share the enriching experience we had following a personal curiosity that originates from field research, interdisciplinary work, a scholarship, and a social impact project that changed our perspective as commercial designers, moving us closer to solving social problems. How the letters change our perception of the world or hinder it. A story full of discoveries, encounters and surprises, where typographic forms are the protagonists, but so are the first readers, teachers, and the books we use to learn.

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Dafne Martínez & Sandra García

Brand Managers and Typeface designers, Tipastype

Dafne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Visual Communication from the Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM, and a Master’s in Typographic Design from Gestalt Studies Center. She is also a trained Calligrapher from the Mexican Society of Calligraphers and Illuminators. Her latest experience with conferences covers ATypI Tokio 2019 and 2020, Caro y Cuervo 2020, and Typographics 2020.Sandra was born and raised in Colombia, but Mexico is her new home. Her studies include a Bachelor’s degree as Graphic Designer from Universidad del Área Andina and a Master’s in Typeface Design from the Gestalt Studies Center. Sandra is an Editorial Design and Typography teacher with more than 10 years of experience. Her expertise goes to national and international conferences as well, recently ATypI Tokio 2019, Caro y Cuervo 2020, and Typographics 2020.Dafne and Sandra are the founders of Tipastype.