Conference Talk

Extended Reality Fashion

Aug 11, 2020

In her talk, Damara will look at different design processes and how they can be deployed to create extended reality experiences for AR Garments and accessories, MR Retail spaces and VR Fashion experiences. Damara will guide you into her creative process and share the ways in which VR and AR can be used to update fashion, so that it can remain relevant and inclusive to the consumer without further material waste.

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Damara Ingles

Curator of Extended Reality Fashion Experiences, Independent

Damara Inglês is a recent graduate of the MA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism on the London College of Fashion, University of Arts London. She is a multidisciplinary fashion media practitioner and creator of digital interactive experiences. In recent practice, Damara has been using AR and VR to challenge innovation within the areas of fashion communication and social media, retail spaces, the supply chain and sustainability. She has learned from and worked directly with brands like Gucci, Kering and Microsoft.