Design for a sustainable lifestyle

Mar 23, 2022

It’s clear what we need to do to reach more sustainable cities, but how do we get there?  The Swedish Behavioural Lab has over the past years become experts in how design impacts us in the physical space and how to develop creative solutions that make it more easy to be sustainable in the city. By combining Psychology, Design and Behavioural Economics, The Swedish Behavioural Lab creates solutions that aim towards a more social, simple and climate smart lifestyle. Ida will share some solutions that will take us in the right direction towards more sustainable behaviours in the future city.  GOALS Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Ida Lemoine

CEO, Co-Founder & Author, BETEENDELABBET

Ida Lemoine is one of the founders of Beteendelabbet, Sweden’s first behavioral agency that combining Psychology, Service Design and Behavioral Economics. Ida holds leading expertise in how to create more sustainable businesses using behavioral insights, as a behavioral strategist, she works daily with applying insights from behavioral science to help companies and government agencies create more human centered, sustainable, and meaningful solutions. Ida thinks all businesses need to understand the irrational side of human nature and that we always should be working on innovative and sustainable products, services and environments designed with the future in mind. Time to go beyond thinking about business benefits and create solutions focused on creating a positive impact for both the planet and the individual. Ida will tell you how Beteendelabbet is changing the world using nudging in practice to create more sustainable and healthy behaviors together with their clients.