Nerd Talk

Designing a new Mentorship model for Designers

Design is a field that welcomes new practitioners every day. Over 50% of the current UX Professional workforce started their careers in the past 5 years, and over half of them in the past 2 years. I’ve been mentoring junior talent and students for the past 7 years and leading teams for the past 4 and I’ve discovered that fostering new talent is both the largest challenge and also our most valuable opportunity to push Design outside of its current niche. I want to share some tips and advice so you can help on this critical mission of modeling future Design generations

Adrian Solca

Experience Design Director, EPAM Continuum

Adrian is Experience Design Director at EPAM Continuum, a global innovation and technology consultancy, where he works alongside dozens talented Latin American Designers to generate value through research, strategy and empathy. Previously, Adrian worked as Strategic Designer, Coach, Planner, Strategist and Information Architect for dozens of clients and industries worldwide. Adrian has worked as part of the Design community for over 10 years creating spaces that foster the exchange of ideas and experiences among the Designers, Agile practitioners, Product people and Leaders of all walks of Life. When not talking about Design, he might be found in a 12 hour long gaming session or spending time with his partner and their pups.