Nerd Talk

Designing Household Budgets and Well-being

Jun 03, 2023

Money and well-being are closely connected. We need to save money to feel less worried and take on new challenges. Being financially stable is a key part of well-being. Also, when we manage our daily spending well, we feel better about ourselves and get along with our partners, which helps our mental health. But can we design well-being directly? When we made our budget app and prepaid card service, “B/43,” we tried to solve users’ problems. In doing so, we ended up making well-being too. In this session, we’ll discuss our experiences making the app, what we learned, and how we designed the product. We’ll look at how to think about well-being and how it can happen by solving problems. We hope to give you new ideas. We also hope our talk helps you in your work and in making new products.

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June Taketani

CXO, Smartbank, inc.

June is a UI designer and entrepreneur, serving as the CXO of Smartbank, Inc. which provides the personal finance management application “B/43”. He is also the founder of Japan’s first flea market app “Fril” (which is currently operated by Rakuten Group, Inc. under the name “Rakuma”).