Conference Talk

Welcome to Design Matters 2017!

Jan 25, 2017

Ingrid will introduce this year's themes, Conversational UI's, Spreading the Product Design DNA and Embrace Failure! She will talk about how these movements are emerging and changing the role of the designer. Ingrid is co-founder of Design Matters and UX Designer at Usable Machine.

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Ingrid Haug

Co-Founder, Design Matters

Ingrid is Co-founder of Design Matters and a UX Designer. She started Design Matters in 2015 together with Michael Christiansen and has been happily investigating new trends and movements in Digital Design ever since. She is a strong believer in diversity and representation in regards to ethnicity, gender, social background, and political beliefs. She is also a UX Designer and founder of Usable Machine, a UX studio based in Copenhagen, where she likes to solve complex UX challenges and make the web more beautiful.