Conference Talk

The Business of the Underserved

Sep 18, 2018

Many of us want to design a better world for everyone. But, designing for good within business is limited to ‘pro-bono’ or ‘corporate social responsibility’ initiatives. This sidelines social impact as an option, rather than a necessity for modern business to thrive. So, how do we change this? How do we serve the underserved while serving our businesses? In this talk you’ll hear little-known case studies from small and large businesses, and gain insight on how we as designers, are uniquely positioned to lead change. Theme: Design for Change

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Masuma Henry

Design Director, Amazon

Masuma believes that design can play a transformative role in solving the most challenging problems we face today — from global health issues, to access to technology, information and knowledge. As a Design Director at Amazon, Masuma leads teams whose work impacts millions of customers globally. She is responsible for organization-wide direction for product strategy and the development of digital experiences. Her thought-leadership on design for widespread change is grounded in the belief that technology is an accelerant, not the answer.