Conference Talk

Mind Your Typography

Sep 02, 2018

Already over two billion humans around the world use mobile devices for their day-to-day communication. Traditional media is about to change, and the choices of typeface and its applicability come to play an essential role in this process, as this affects the content directly! In this talk, Bruno explores how Variable Fonts creates new opportunities for optimized presentations of written words in UI's. Dive into the future of typography in the new age of dynamic interfaces! Theme: Be A Design Rebel

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Bruno Maag

Typeface Designer, Dalton Maag

Bruno Maag is a Swiss Typeface Designer and a Chairman at Dalton Maag, a London based studio for typeface design. Bruno has worked with typography for 40 years and has helped brands such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and BBC, to maximize their typographic user experience - both from a brand and a human perspective!