Conference Talk

How Small Learnings can Add Up to Big Changes

Jan 14, 2018

The disconnect between the better world you imagine as a designer and the reality of what you feel capable of changing can feel demoralizing. At Dropbox, designers follow a rigorous research process that sometimes reveals surprising, seemly-small findings with big implications. Listening to these small learnings can help build conviction about how the world can be better. Anisha Jain will share how this process of learning has helped design lead big changes at Dropbox, including re-branding, leading the brand's efforts towards a gender-balanced team, and designing more humane ways of working. Theme: Design for Change

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Anisha Jain

Design Director, Dropbox

Anisha is a Design Director at Dropbox where her team focuses on making collaborating on content feel effortless. Anisha’s previous experience has spanned Facebook, IDEO, Hot Studio, and a Danish consultancy 3PART, and she has previously spoken at the creative schools Designer Fund Bridge and Hyper Island. She holds an MS in Product Design and Innovation Strategy from Stanford.