Conference Talk

Crafting Emotional Journeys in FIFA

Dec 04, 2018

Game UX is often driven by emotional design, the act of evoking appropriate emotions that create positive player experiences. As Game UX Designer, Felix strives to understand and define a player’s emotional journey throughout different touch-points in a game, whether he is training in Skill Games, winning Cup Final in Manager Career, or making key decisions in 'The Journey'. Felix talks about how to identify the right emotions to deliver, and on how to make sure these moments are meaningful contextually. Lastly, Felix inspires other designers to utilize Game UX techniques to craft meaningful emotional journeys. Theme: Immersive Worlds & Mixed Realities

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Felix Lai


Felix Lai is an User Experience Designer on EA SPORTS FIFA, the world's most popular sports videogame. Over the past three years, he has helped innovate many of FIFA's popular game modes and led the end-to-end user experience of The Journey, the story mode within the FIFA game. Prior to joining FIFA, Felix received a Yellow Pencil in the Digital Design Category from D&AD New Blood Awards. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Arts and Technology.