Conference Talk

Immersive Xperience and the Next Generation of Enterprise Solutions

Apr 13, 2018

AR and VR are changing UX as we know it. For designers, mixing realities in immersive worlds represent a new land of opportunities and challenges. Alfredo talks about the importance of finding the right balance between the real and the virtual, 2D and 3D to make the best transition of experiences. He also shares the story of how he and his team are creating the next generation of enterprise solutions and how it has been used to sign a Major League Baseball player’s contract. Theme: Immersive Worlds & Mixed Realities

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Alfredo Ruiz

Design Lead, IBM

Alfredo Ruiz is a Design Lead at IBM Design. He leads a global team creating the next generation of enterprise solutions, exploring the intersection of data analysis and cognitive technologies with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Alfredo's objective is to develop user-centered designs that emphasize the emotional connection between the individual and the product. His previous work experience includes companies such as Boeing, Nike, United Healthcare and, Nokia.