Conference Talk

Adding a New Dimension to the Designer’s Toolbox

Nov 23, 2018

There’s a lot of new challenges that a designer encounters when creating Mixed Reality experiences. Some of those challenges are related to the designers toolbox, but others are more like moral and ethical dilemmas. Lorena Pazmino talks about the challenges of designing for MR, the UX principles and the reasons behind the Visual Design approach of LuminOS and it’s core applications. Additionally, she takes you through the process of designing inclusive representational avatars in an additive color space space, and lastly, talks about the first font designed for MR. Theme: Immersive Worlds & Mixed Realities

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Lorena Pazmino

Lead UX Designer, Magic Leap

Lorena leads the UX Visual Design team for the OS and Core apps at Magic Leap, a startup that develops Mixed Reality headsets that explores the new frontiers of spatial computing. Lorena has previously designed digital campaigns and interactions for brands like Google, Nike, Visa, and Zynga.