Conference Talk

The True Value of Design

Oct 29, 2018

The true value of Design still remains a mystery to many leaders and organizations. That mindset is about to change. McKinsey Design has been studying the design actions and financial performance of 300 organizations over the past 5 years to better understand and quantify the relationship between good design and business outcomes. In this talk, Ben previews the results of this global study and reflects upon how this can help leaders understand the true value of design. Theme: Design for Change

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Ben Sheppard

Partner, McKinsey Design

Ben leads McKinsey & Company’s Product Development and Design practices in the United Kingdom. He is passionate about helping clients develop creative products. Before joining McKinsey he designed and built the world’s lowest cost deep-sea camera: allowing pictures of new species to be captured kilometres below the sea surface. He has a wealth of experience helping clients improve their products and services: both to drive revenue growth and reduce material costs. He has served over thirty of the world’s leading companies on everything from jet engines to sports cars, from asthma inhalers to coffee machines.