Conference Talk

Designing a Bank

Apr 26, 2018

N26 is disrupting the banking industry with their innovative banking app. They believe that creating an emotional connection between the product and the user can increase engagement, trust, and satisfaction, especially when the product is about people's money. In this talk, Akarsh reflects upon how design has played an essential role in empowering him and the team at N26, to rethink the concept of banking. Theme: Design for Change

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Akarsh Sanghi

Product Lead, N26

Akarsh Sanghi is a designer & engineer from India currently working as Product lead at N26 in Berlin. He and his cross functional team are constantly executing ideas to create a frictionless and smooth banking experience. Previously he worked with IDEO & Zalando in Berlin and holds a Master's degree from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. In the last years he has managed to live, study & work in Delhi, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Singapore and plans to continue his cross cultural wanderings.