Conference Talk

Designing Cinematic Experiences for Mobile UI

Nov 06, 2018

Alex Bronkie shares the process of designing cinematic experiences for mobile UI at Netflix. The design challenge was to make sure that watching and finding series on Netflix also is enjoyable on even the smallest screens. This led to a feature that may seem familiar but revolutionizes the way users find tv shows and movies. In this talk, Alex shares her learning on designing for immersion, the challenges that the team faced in designing this new feature, and how the Netflix culture is built to reward rebels. Theme: Immersive Worlds & Mixed Realities

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Alex Bronkie

Product Designer, Netflix

Alex Bronkie is a mobile product designer at Netflix, where she spends her time designing and prototyping delightful ways for members to find and watch their next favorite series or movie. Before that she lived in New York City where she worked as a senior interactive designer at Apple and taught at the Miami Ad School.