Two Halves of a Whole: how writing makes design better, and vice versa

The way it looks and the way it reads: these are two halves of a whole. As a designer, you’ve likely spent a lot of time thinking about layout, presentation, and interaction. In this talk, Andrew covers the other half. He looks at how storytelling, prose, and a conversational approach to design can elevate your work as a whole. If you are a UX writer or pen product copy yourself, this talk is for you as it provides content-first tactics for solving design problems — but also a greater appreciation for how language determines the way our work feels and functions. Andrew Schmidt is a writer who finally found his calling — bringing pleasantly human language to the software we use every day. Before joining Slack, Andrew produced an indie film and spent a couple of seasons writing about soccer culture in Los Angeles. Theme: Are we on the same page?

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