Creating inclusion in play

Do you want to create an inclusive design? Good choice! Ambition to make the world a better place is always great but finding a language and process for how to start doing the actual work can be much more tricky. In this talk, Petter shares how Toca Boca started to define what they mean with diversity in their products. He also shares some other types of support structures they use in their mission to create apps that feel inclusive to kids all over the world. Petter Karlsson is a Play Designer at Toca Boca with a deep interest in play and participatory culture. As a fond believer of the power of play, Petter co-founded the company LajvVerkstaden which uses roleplaying pedagogic to teach at schools and organizations. After joining Toca Boca in 2015 he has been working with the Toca Life Series with a special focus on diversity and inclusion. Theme: Design + Activism

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