Conference Talk

Tackling the Unglamorous

Oct 13, 2020

In 2019 the Experiences & Design team at Mozilla was set to explore new product opportunities to serve two demographics at opposite ends of the age spectrum: older adults and teens. Then the Covid-19 pandemic started – and the issues they originally set to tackle became even more urgent and complex. Daria will share insights into how her team tackled two ambitious projects with limited resources yet infinite passion, resourcefulness, and iterative touch points with the end users they set to serve.

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Daria Loi

Head of Product Design, Emerging Technologies, Mozilla Corporation

Daria Loi is Head of Design of Emerging Technologies at Mozilla. She specializes in open source work and emerging technologies. She has conducted research in high tech, academic & govt contexts, presented her work in most continents, published 80+ articles, squeezed in 10+ patents, and chaired several committees and events. In 2018 she was recognized as one of Italy’s 50 most inspiring women in tech, in 2019 she became Conjoint Professor of Practice at Newcastle University and in 2020 she joined the Board of Directors for DemocracyLab.