DM 21 • Interview • Sketch • Matteo Gratton

Jun 18, 2021

Interview with Matteo Gratton, Design Advocate at Sketch.

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Matteo Gratton

Design Advocate, Sketch

Matteo is Design Advocate at Sketch, after being VP, Experience Designer at Barclays Corporate Banking and heading Design at Midas Consoles (Music Tribe) for 4 years. He’s very interested in and working on Design Systems and has been motivated to search for new and better ways to design and develop IT projects – focusing on B2B, enterprise and very specialised professional projects – for a while. Matteo likes to define himself as an agnostic designer; he hates big words but has to use them, as keeping everyone on the same page is key. He also has a passion for technology and the arts – in particular music, visual arts, and literature.