Conference Talk

The Evolution of Work

Apr 09, 2021

We are in the middle of forming the new paradigm of work, redefining our process, tools, and work ethics. Everything is new, but not everything is exciting. The pandemic has given us video-conferencing fatigue, digital burnout, disengagement, and messy tools and procedures. Companies and teams need to adapt to the new, and constantly changing environment, re-designing their work rituals and approaches, dealing with the new realities, and trying to gain enough resilience for the future. How might organizations survive and thrive in the long run? Vlad Zely, Head of Design at Miro, the online collaboration whiteboard platform, will share his perspective on the Past and Future of Work while being at the forefront of creating a tool for millions of people across the globe to enable them to collaborate regardless of location.

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Vlad Zely

Head of Design, Miro

Vlad Zely is a product and design leader, focusing on creating meaningful and impactful digital products. His mission is to bring beauty and clarity through design leadership Currently, he’s shaping a future of work at Miro as a Head of Design.Vlad joined Miro 4 years ago as the first Design Lead, and grown the team from two designers to more than 30 multidisciplinary designers, researchers, and writers, during the company hyper-growth from 50 to 750+ people.Vlad is passionate about photography, aesthetics, style, personal values, culture, and exploring authenticity throughout his work. He advocates for the idea of multiple identities and representing yourself beyond the job that you do.