Conference Talk

Scaling design efficiently with DesignOps

Aug 03, 2021

In this talk, Erica Rider will share the story of how her design team developed tools and processes to be used by 200+ developers and managed to remove UX bottlenecks and empower product teams to create high-quality designs. This process required a transformation from a development-driven organization to a design-driven one, as well as connecting design and operations by sharing and expanding design intelligence throughout the organization.

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Erica Rider

UX Architect & Design Leader, PayPal

Erica leads the UX team for PayPal’s Internal developer tool in an effort to transform the organization from a development-driven organization to a customer-first and design-driven one. The team is pioneering the next generation of DesignOps called DesignOps2.0. DesignOps2.0 enables product teams to successfully build useful and useable products by integrating user research and design directly into the product development lifecycle.