Conference Talk


May 11, 2021

SAGA Space Architects is a design + prototyping studio specialised in Space and Extreme environments. They have designed, built, and tested habitats all around the world. Most recently, they have built and tested an unfolding analog lunar habitat in Northern Greenland on a 100-day-long simulated moon mission. In their ambition to be The Space Architecture Company, they are rapidly growing our capabilities of 3D construction printing. They do this by 3D-printed concrete structures on Earth. They just finished printing the largest 3D printed structure in Scandinavia, all with the ambition to familiarise us with the technology before doing it in space, since ISRU will inevitably be a key strategy in future moon colonies. Join Sebastian Aristotelis, co-founder of SAGA Space Architects, in this Night Talk to learn more about their work and the possibilities that space tech and design can open in the future.

Sebastian Aristotelis

Co-Founder, SAGA Space Architects

Born in Denmark, Sebastian studied architecture at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and RMIT in Melbourne. Sebastian also graduated from the International Space University SSP program in 2018, after which he co-founded SAGA Space Architects.