Conference Talk

How to not let a fast paced, growth driven, agile environment kill your creativity

May 19, 2021

Design systems and designers have had a love-hate relationship for a long time. Design systems are great for speed, but you can argue that design systems will add more restrictions to a project or a feature and don’t leave much room for creative exploration. At Undo, a rapidly growing fin-tech startup in the Nordics, we disagree. In contrast, we use design systems as a tool to create more room for creative exploration. By combining a well-thought-out design process, a design system, the Pareto principle, and a creativity check, we built a framework that allows us to design and build more creative solutions without compromising on efficiency and developing time. In this talk, Lisa Apers will share her hands-on experiences working with design systems at Undo, collaboration with engineers, investment in designOps, and creativity.

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Lisa Apers

Head of Design, Undo

Lisa is a digital designer with experience in app, web and brand design. She is currently Head of Design at Undo where she, alongside challenging the insurance industry through design, has established a design culture throughout the company. With her growing interest and industry needs in design Ops she loves to question the status quo and rethink the way she works. Apart from digital product design she also loves sharing her experiences as a writer, design mentor, and guest lecturer.