Conference Talk

Embracing AI as a design superpower

Nov 15, 2023

AI is shifting the way we work at a rapid pace. So much so that “will AI will replace designers” is now a top Google autocomplete suggestion. But where some see fear, others see an opportunity. Tey will explore how designers all over the world are embracing AI to supercharge their design craft – from research to UX to product design – and bring real examples and practical actions that every designer can take to level up

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Tey Bannerman

Head of Design, McKinsey & Company

Tey leads the design practice in Europe for global management consultancy McKinsey & Company. Working together with McKinsey's Al arm, Quantum Black, he leads multi-disciplinary teams helping clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa build, launch and scale innovative products, Al-driven platforms, customer experiences, and entire businesses.