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ENG // Depatriarchiza design for social and planetary restoration. Female and dissadent voices in Latin America design

Jan 31, 2024

Despite the progress made by women, the lgbtqia+ community and the dissident voices conquering spaces within the design industry, the decision-making tables remain predominantly white and male-dominated. This disparity results in only a partial narrative being told, and it is from this vantage point that Diseña Colectiva emerges as a platform that embarks on fresh, diverse avenues in design rooted in collectivity. Their aim is to construct spaces of resistance, care and expression seeking other forms of design. In this talk, Andrea and Taina will invite us to look at design through a different lens, one that reflects diverse experiences and challenges the status quo. While navigating us through a system map showcasing how they have weaved a community over the last three years, they will share how collective and multidisciplinary design can make a positive impact on society, the planet, and our communities.

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Andrea Soler & Taina Campos

Managers, Diseña Colectiva

Andrea Soler and Taina Campos are industrial designers graduated from the CIDI at UNAM, with academic experience in various universities. Taina focuses on regenerative design through material experimentation, social innovation, and design research with a gender perspective. She has lived and worked in Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, and Oaxaca where she has collaborated in different offices and projects of industrial design, product design, strategic design, and social innovation. She is part of What Design Can Do, a creative community that is developing research to understand the context surrounding the circular economy in Mexico. She's a professor at the Iberoamericana University, at CENTRO and at the National University of Mexico, where she teaches Ecodesign and Innovation in Design, Biomaterials, and Gender in Design Studies. Andrea holds a Master's degree in Industrial Design from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and another one in Product Design from Trent University in England. She is the Director at the Design Program at Tecnológico de Monterrey University in Mexico City. As the co-founder of Diseña Colectiva, she organizes design events with a feminist perspective. In her role as an art director, Andrea designs and constructs spaces and narratives for commercial use and music videos at Boca del Tigre Studio. Her work focuses on emotional design and gender research in intangible culture. She collaborates with the Interuniversity Design Workshop (TiUD), an activist design project, and is a part of the creative collective Fieras Fierras.