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Has the UX Process of Conversational AI Changed from Before, or not

Jun 03, 2023

Recently, conversational AI technology has become very popular and many companies are interested in implementing it into their products. However, there is a question of whether or not a different conversational UX design process is needed with this new technology compared to before. Additionally, there is a need to understand what conversational AI UX design actually is.Asuka is a UX designer at Rakuten who specializes in conversational AI design. In her presentation, she will explain the current state of conversational AI technology and its impact on UX design. She will explore the unique challenges and opportunities presented by conversational interfaces and explain how the UX design process has evolved to address these challenges. She will also provide practical tips for designing effective conversational interfaces.

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Asuka Uda

Conversational AI section Conversation design group manager, Rakuten Group, Inc.

Asuka Uda leads the Conversational AI Design Group at Rakuten. She has a Master’s degree in User Experience Design and is most passionate about conversational AI products. She leads the team to deliver good customer experiences with data-driven processes and UX strategies. She also has many years of experience in service design for new businesses.