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How Decolonizing Design Can Help Foster Innovation

According to Dori Tunstall, Dean, Faculty of Design at OCAD University, Ontario, Canada, diversity is getting the invitation to the party. Inclusion is if someone asks you if you want to dance. Decolonizing is allowing the most vulnerable to choose the music. In my talk, Guidione will explore design decolonisation through his life story. From his humble beginning in Mozambique to the world design stage. He will share with the audience what it takes to be an African and witness first-hand design decolonisation. Most importantly, he will share how they can be part of this change.

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Guidione Machava

Senior Product Designer

Guidione is a Senior Product Designer involved in many projects. He has worked across various industries and sectors, bringing early ideas and concepts to life for scrappy startups, World Bank, Coca-cola, Pfizer and tech unicorns. He holds a degree in Economics from St. Thomas University in Mozambique and a not concluded Honours in Interaction Design by Open Window in South Africa. He is also the author of “Design Sutra”, a collection of design principles for designers in the early stages of their careers and founded the World-class Designer School, the home of the brightest design minds in Africa, supported by companies such as Webflow, Framer, Shopify and others. He has recently organised the World-class Designer Conference – Africa’s most diverse and inclusive design conference. Speakers include Debbie Millman, Marty Cagan, Randy Hunt and designers from Google, Facebook, Boeing, Visa & 40+ more. In 2018, he was also named one of the best community builders in Africa by Google.