Nerd Talk

How to design your time

Jun 03, 2023

As designers, we’re increasingly concerned about how people feel about the products and services we design. Not just during, but also before and after. We want to have a positive impact in the world, but somehow, somewhere along the way we forgot to care about our own well-being, and every week we find ourselves with a calendar packed with useless meetings, which leads us with little to no time to actually do our job, to design.In this talk, José will shine a light on who’s to blame (spoiler alert, it’s you!) and he’ll also share some tips how you can take back control of your calendar, and not just find more time to to design, but also find time to take care of mental health.

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José Torre

Staff Product Designer, Shopify

Since 2006 José has been fortunate enough to say that he is paid to do what he loves, solving problems with design. José currently works at Shopify, as a Staff Designer in the Polaris team, and from time to time he likes to reflect on what he does, so he writes, draws, makes videos and gives talks because he believes sharing knowledge is the key for personal growth.