Conference Talk

How to present product design work

Nov 15, 2023

As designers, we put a lot of time, energy, and thought into our work. We spend countless hours thinking, researching, and refining our designs, only to find that they are met with lacklustre responses and unfavourable feedback when we share them with our teammates and stakeholders. One major reason for this is our belief that our work should speak for itself, and so we don’t spend much time thinking through how it will be received. In this talk, we’ll explore how to avoid this pitfall and provide practical steps to ensure that we’re always putting our best foot forward when we share our work. We will mainly focus on presenting product design to medium-sized teams with cross-functional stakeholders, but the concepts are general enough to be applied to any design discipline. We’ll cover various topics like: deciding how to share your work, things to note while preparing for a presentation, and tips to keep in mind while presenting. We’ll also walk through some examples to illustrate how these concepts can be applied in practice. This talk will be most beneficial for experienced designers who want to broaden the impact of their work. However, it will also be a valuable addition to your toolkit if you’re a newer designer preparing to take on bigger challenges, or a seasoned professional looking to jog your memory on concepts you’ve already learned.

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Onyekachi Mbaike

Product Design Lead, Paystack

Onyekachi Mbaike is a seasoned product designer with a remarkable 9-year journey shaping digital products and consulting for early-stage businesses. As the Product Design Lead for Nigeria at Paystack, he has been instrumental in steering a team of designers towards crafting innovative solutions. Over the past 6 years, he's been at the forefront of building digital products that empower more than 100,000 African businesses to seamlessly receive payments from customers worldwide. Onyekachi’s expertise spans the entire spectrum of product development, from design and engineering to product management. His influential role involves shaping new product offerings and working closely with cross-functional teams to bring them to life. A true advocate for early-stage products, Onyekachi has lent his expertise to accelerators and social impact ventures that enrich the tech ecosystem. Beyond his professional pursuits, Onyekachi finds joy in diverse interests. He's an avid music enthusiast, appreciates thought-provoking video essays, and is an enthusiastic traveler. With his exceptional experience and versatile skill set, Onyekachi Mbaike is committed to advancing the digital landscape and propelling businesses forward.