Conference Talk

ENG // How to transform a 130-year old bank into a design-led organization?

Jan 31, 2024

Imagine that you’re challenged to evolve the development line of 70% of a design team, in a context where the organization is thinking about new technologies and a strong economic recession. In this talk, Cinthy and Arturo will tell the story of the pains and opportunities that they went through as a team and how this led them to build what would be the roadmap for their talent strategy for the coming years, aiming at building a design-led bank that will help ensure a sustainable future.

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Cinthy Revilla & Arturo Via y Rada

Senior Design Manager & Design Chapter Area Leader, Banco de Crédito BCP

Arturo is a leader in experience design, and for more than 7 years, he has specialized in design and digital products. He has a master's degree in Strategic Design, Entrepreneurship and Innovation from IED Barcelona. He was a founding member of different intra-ventures at BCP. As part of BCP's Strategic Design COE, he currently leads the team of designers located in BCP's Innovation and Disruption units, creating new scalable products and services for more than 30 million people. In his spare time, Arturo explores new specialty coffee shops with his 4-legged companion while listening to math rock. Cinthy is a Senior Design Manager in charge of developing Specialties and Specialist Talent in the BCP Strategic Design COE, as well as Design projects for the Corporate front of the Credicorp Group. She collaborates closely with senior executives and Design leaders to enhance strategic design capabilities, optimize design processes, and standardize practices for creating Wow digital products. Additionally, she is a Design and Innovation Corporate Coach, providing advice to design, digital transformation, agility and innovation teams and leaders in companies such as MiBanco, Pacifico, CapitalLab and BCP Bolivia. Cinthy was born in 1984 and gained two degrees: One in Graphic Design for Advertising and the other in Information Systems Engineering.