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It takes a village

Let’s talk about the different activities and skills required to conceptualize a new product until finding a real product-market fit. It may seem endless with user research, industry knowledge, website development, app development, internal tools development, operations guidelines, ads, copywriting, customer support, data analysis, feedback collection, presentations, communications, and a long and intimidating, etc… “It takes a village” to build a new product from scratch, and as designers, we are not only capable of doing (almost) everything, but we’ll discover how it’s extremely valuable to do so!

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Claudia Sosa

Senior Product Manager, Sofía

Claudia is the Product Manager at Sofía, a new health insurance company that wants to change the ways millions of people take care of their health. With more than 10 years leading teams and strategic projects, Claudia‘s career has taken her from designing refrigerators and plastic products, to innovating in financial and insurance services. Claudia was Head of CX Design and Director of Strategy and Service Design at BBVA Mexico before joining Sofía. Claudia has an industrial design degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a specialty in “Product-System-Service Design” from Politecnico di Milano.