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Enhancing a diverse and responsible mindset through Design

Designers are cultural navigators, and we tend to respond to the commissioners’ wishes. We get paid to do what we are asked to do. Well, until we become activists and responsible for a more significant impact, as professionals, we have a voice. What is good for one might not be suitable for another, and designing for the average does not fit all; it is not inclusive. Designing for customer needs is not sustainable; we need to do better and design for humanity and its long life on this planet. We need to rescue, regenerate, and fight for justice and fairness. We need to go beyond customer journeys, service blueprints, business canvasses and interfaces and search and support the systems and mechanisms that sustain responsible acts for today and the next generations.

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Jane Vita

Phd Researcher & Lecturer, Aalto University

Jane Vita is PhD researcher and teaches Designing Services With Emerging Technology at Aalto University. She has experienced over 15 years of multidisciplinary and multicultural projects in various countries and industries. She believes every successful project, from strategic to incremental, has one thing in common: people with passion, open-mindedness, and good intent; willing to learn, discuss and test their assumptions.