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JPN Everything Interface

Jun 03, 2023

最小限の努力で大きな成果を得られるさまざまなAIプロダクトが、大きな注目を集めています。Alessioの講演タイトル「Everything Interface」は、こうしたAIプロダクトのもたらす変化に着想を得ています。たとえば、撮影した箱の写真を、インペインティングと呼ばれる画像補完技術を活用して建物に見えるように変換するように、創造力を使ってアイデアを拡張し、実現していきましょう。

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Alessio Grancini

Sr. AR Prototyper Engineer, Magic Leap

With a hybrid background between design and technology, Alessio loves implementing solutions in the world of XR. He is deeply interested in how AR can bring purpose to our life, binding existing and new solution spacing from the enterprise world to the entertainment.He is currently a Senior AR Prototyper Engineer at Magic Leap and focuses on translating design into software applications for the next generation AR wearable devices. His work starts in unity, but expands into many realms, from curating a design process to developing an interaction concept in detail until production. Lately he is exploring depthAI. He started his XR journey specializing in AR/VR architectural visualization in design firms and successively working in small game companies. In 2017 he worked at Emmy Awarded studio Super 78 Studios in the making of a VR game for children named Reef Rescue recognized as one of the first world’s high capacity and interactive virtual reality experiences.In 2019 he led the work for the art exhibition “Interfaces” at Milan Design Week by award winning design practice Morphosis, collaborating with Dassault Systemes. He also joined AWE in 2018 presenting his thesis work for urban AR experiences in collaboration with Sturfee and in 2022 for expanding on the topic virtual keyboard interactions, where Magic Leap won the Best-In-Class device prize for AR.Join his personal discord space EverythingEverywhereXR.