Conference Talk

How my Job as a researcher changed my view on Design

Nov 15, 2023

Empathy is not a tool, but a lifestyle we as designers need to weave into everything we do. But how do we make sure that we gain enough empathy, and how far do we actually need to go? When doing user research, we need to keep in mind that every data point has a story, that we need to listen to. In this workshop, we’ll play around with different research methods and learn how to gain empathy on different levels, and how to utilize these valuable insights in order to create effective products that speak to the user.

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Julie Søgaard

Head of Product Research & Insights, Planday

Julie is Head of Product Research & Insights, keynote speaker, and mentor, describing herself as an enthusiastic data & research nerd and inclusion advocate. Before specialising in research, she was a part of the Design Matters Team, where she learned everything she knows about aesthetics, design, and why to never serve bad conference coffee. Today her focus is on leading a team of data and research specialists who enable a product-led lifecycle in Planday through Strategic & Continuous Product Insights, defining and building a strong data & research practice, evangelizing data analysis and research in organisations.