Conference Talk

When Virtual Reality becomes the Key to Treat Schizophrenia

Feb 11, 2020

Nicole will talk about the groundbreaking new research project in DK, Challenge, where a virtual reality simulation is the core of a novel treatment targeting the hallmark symptoms of schizophrenia – hearing malevolent voices. The VR software allows the therapist and patient to create a digital twin (avatar) of the voice from inside the patient’s head. While the patient wears a VR headset, the therapist embodies the avatar in real time and pretends to be the malevolent voice.

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Nicole Fronc Dumanski

Sociologist & Product Manager, Khora

Nicole is driven by the passion of creating better treatment for people with mental health problems and is a specialist in leading projects and developments that bridges technology as an aid in treatment and tool for recovery. In the Challenge project she is the lead of the development; involving patients, psychologists and the development team at Khora Virtual Reality and is in charge of the training of psychologists, doctors and nurses into how to use the program.