Nerd Talk

Digital Health Tools: Meeting People Where They Are

In a moment of health crisis, it can be overwhelming and difficult to make decisions. How can we design digital products that help to overcome confusion —and actually empower both people and their caregivers? In this talk, Lauren will share learnings from the team’s work with Planned Parenthood and She’ll outline strategies for overcoming the traditional standardized approach to health information and how we can collectively move towards a future of designing individualized digital tools and products that help people make the best decisions for their lives with safe, tailored, and non-judgemental information.

Lauren Shapiro

Partner, Design, Work & Co

Lauren (she/her) is a Design Partner at Work & Co. Since joining the company nine years ago, she has been hands-on across strategy, research, concepting, and execution. She has designed and helped launch work for clients including, Planned Parenthood, IKEA, and ALDO, and her work has been recognized by Fast Company Innovation by Design, TIME Best Inventions, and the Webby Awards. At Work & Co, Lauren has helped shape the company’s approach to accessibility and inclusive design with a focus on centering diverse user and community voices. Outside work, she volunteers for 81cents, an organization focused on closing the pay gap among underrepresented individuals.